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Visit Parma and Piacenza castles

Experience the part of the province enclosed between Parma and the river Po. Travel back in time and visit perfectly preserved castles, while enjoying a tasting of famous local products, such as Culatello and spalla cotta. 


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The Bassa Parmense, for its inhabitants only the “bassa”, is the area in the Parma region situated at the north of the city, between the via Emilia and the river Po. Leaving the city, the first step of our journey will be the Rocca San Vitale ("rocca" means fortress) at Fontanellato, a charming castle located in the center of the borough, surrounded by a large moat filled with water. It contains one of the masterpieces of the Italian mannerism, the room frescoed by Parmigianino in 1524 with the myth of Diana and Actaeon. For lunch, we will go to San Secondo, another medieval village of the area, where we will taste different typical products of the bassa, such as the spalla cotta ("hot pork shoulder") and the culatello, true local delicacies. The second step will be the fortress of Soragna, built in 1385 by the marquis Bonifacio and Antonio Lupi; we will visit it with an expert guide. The last stop of our daytrip will be at the castle of Roccabianca, a majestic fortress built between 1450 and 1465 by Pier Maria Rossi. The castle is horizontal and has the typical regular shape of the level ground castles: central courtyard with protruding towers in the left corners and a high central keep. This is where we will end our day full of emotions as we dived in the past.







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