Rossella Bassani

Founder & CEO   •   Go-getter Leader

Enthusiastic and resolute, our Maestro Travel leader successfully combines
passion, knowledge, an awesome team, and leads them to fulfill dreams.

Key responsibilities:

  •  Founder and CEO
  •  Economic and administrative manager
  •  Italian partners recruiter and manager


0039 339 1230633

Anna Shelest

Marketing Manager   •   Innovation artist

She is able to turn tasty ideas into concrete plans, while positively working towards even the most farsighted goals. Her feet are on the ground, but in her mind she is already planning ahead.

Key responsibilities:

  •  Marketing and advertising strategies
  •  New products development
  •  International partners recruiter and manager


0039 393 9712164

Medina Xhani

Client & Accounting Manager   •   Experience designer

She acts quietly and efficiently to ensure every experience is in Maestro style. Her work is always guest-oriented, and kindness and precision come first.

Key responsibilities:

  •  Group tours and individual travellers requests
  •  Tour itineraries designer
  •  Accounting
Elisa Matulli

Maestro Gourmet Guide   •   Flavours expert

Artful in storytelling, she weaves together historical fact and regional lore
which results in a truly memorable experience.

Key responsibilities:

  •  Specialized food tour leader
  •  Local suppliers trainer
  •  Local suppliers recruiter
Nicoleta Delinschi

Social media manager   •   Digital Talent

She dominates the internet in the same way she faces every moment: with determination, attention to detail and constant desire to improve herself.

Key responsibilities:

  •  Social media marketing manager
  •  Facebook page admin
  •  Instagram page admin
Lisa Bertacchini

Content manager & Maestro Food Guide   •   Creative linguist

She loves turning smells, flavours and memories into multilingual stories. She gives voice to Maestro’s soul and, when she cannot play with words, she fills the silence with a smile.

Key responsibilities:

  •  Specialized food tour leader
  •  Content creation and translation
  •  International partners manager