Rossella Bassani

Founder & CEO   •   Go-getter Leader

Enthusiastic and resolute, our Maestro Travel leader successfully combines
passion, knowledge, an awesome team, and leads them to fulfill dreams.

Key responsibilities:

  •  Founder and CEO
  •  Economic and administrative manager
  •  Italian partners recruiter and manager


0039 339 1230633

Elisa Matulli

Maestro Gourmet Guide   •   Flavours expert

Artful in storytelling, she weaves together historical fact and regional lore
which results in a truly memorable experience.

Key responsibilities:

  •  Specialized food tour leader
  •  Local suppliers trainer
  •  Local suppliers recruiter
Lisa Bertacchini

Content manager & Maestro Food Guide   •   Creative linguist

She loves turning smells, flavours and memories into multilingual stories. She gives voice to Maestro’s soul and, when she cannot play with words, she fills the silence with a smile.

Key responsibilities:

  •  Specialized food tour leader
  •  Content creation and translation
  •  International partners manager