Maestro Travel Experience

Welcome to Maestro blog!

We do the best job in the world! We share our city and our region with travellers who are willing to discover a piece of Italy that’s a bit different from the typical “must-see” touristic sites.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, for some more months, we will not able to share all the beauty and the goodness of this land and its products through our daily tours.

We terribly miss your smiles from all over the world, curious questions, funny selfies and excitement revealed when stepping inside the ageing rooms full of Parmigiano Reggiano wheels, Parma ham legs and barrels of the real balsamic vinegar.



Also because we know we are not the only ones who had to put things on hold. We feel how you miss being able to take the plane and arrive in the Bel Paese to discover its endless beauty and charge yourself with some dolce vita.

Suspended between the end of the lockdown and a new beginning, we, therefore, thought of starting this blog, in order to continue sharing our land with you and bringing a little piece of Italy right to your home. 

“Follow our tips and tricks and start planning your bucket list for when you finally can come to visit us!”

It is not just some words when they say Italy is beautiful everywhere. And for this reason, it is not easy to choose an itinerary to stick with, the desire would be to see it all from north to south.

Though Italy is a small country, it is divided into twenty regions, that are like twenty sisters, each one with its own character.

“Emilia Romagna is probably the most capricious, thanks to its crazy climate changes, one of the most delightful and probably the tastiest one”

We call it the tastiest because it is here where are produced some of the world-famous products such as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Parma ham and balsamic vinegar… but not only them. With this blog, we will bring you to discover many others, probably less famous, but equally special products.

This trip starts in our city, in Parma. We will guide you as if you were a friend who comes to visit and with whom we share our days and the experiences and places we love the most.

We only ask you to bring the passion for good food, the curiosity and a smile. 

Get ready to Taste, Visit and Enjoy Parma with us!